Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy 24th of July!
The 24th of July is a great time to get together with family and friends to celebrate and remember Utah’s history.  Click here to learn more about why we celebrate the 24th of July in Utah!

Are you having a BBQ for the 24th of July and can’t think of what to take?  Whether you are having a breakfast up the canyon or celebrating with a BBQ in your backyard, here are some healthy recipe ideas for your 24th of July celebration.  Click on a link below to see the full recipe.

·         Fruit parfait
·         Whole wheat pancakes
·         Western Omelet
·         Mango avocado coleslaw
·         BLT pasta salad
·         Barbeque chicken
·         50 kebab recipes
·         Pesto steak

           Barbecues are a fun thing to do in the summer.  To keep your food safe, make sure it is stored at the proper temperature.  Click here for some tips on food safety and proper handling.
This info-graphic from the USDA shows safe grilling techniques:

Along with food safety, it is also important to learn safety tips for fireworks. Many injuries occur every year around the 24th of July due to fireworks. Follow these firework safety guidelines to avoid injury. Also, check out Days of 47 and SL tribune for a list of activities that are going on around Utah to celebrate Pioneer Day!  Have a happy and safe 24th of July!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hiking in Utah: Elevate your Health

Want to explore scenic Utah, get connected to nature, and improve your health in a fun and invigorating way? All you need are some good shoes, water and snacks, and Utah's own backyard. Utah is home to thousands of stunning hikes ranging from leisurely walks to challenging elevations. There are many health benefits to hiking including:
  • Increased cardiovascular health: hiking helps your heart pump nutrients more efficiently to the rest of your body
  • Increased energy: when your cardiovascular system works more efficiently,  you have more energy for daily activities
  • Increases bone health: hiking is a weight-bearing exercise that causes new bone tissue to form
  • Increased muscle function: the major muscles of the legs are used during hiking, increasing their strength and ability
  • Mental health benefits: physical activity, including hiking, releases chemicals in the brain that boost mood
  • Reduced stress: being outdoors naturally reduces stress levels
  • Increased life span
  • and more!
Salt Lake Valley has many hikes that suit a variety of intensity levels. The idea is to find a trail that suits your activity level and interests. Unsure what hike might be good to try? Try one of these local hikes:
Look at this complete list of these hikes and others to try.

Regardless of where you choose to hike, safety is key. Even if you are gearing up for a lower intensity hike, be sure to follow these smart hiking tips!
  • Know your destination and how you will get there
  • Drink water often: have at least 1 qt. of water available for every hour of the hike
  • Get the weather forecast and plan accordingly
  • Avoid huffing and puffing: if you can talk and walk, you are going at a perfect speed
  • Take periodic breaks to allow your body to remove the metabolic waste products that build in your legs while hiking
  • Refuel as needed: if your hike is longer than 1 hour, be sure to bring energy boosting snacks such as trail mix, granola, or dried fruit
Whether you are taking a short stroll around a stunning mountain lake, or summitting a majestic mountaintop, you are sure to enjoy this refreshing way of getting your body moving, and you’ll experience great health benefits as a result.

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What are your other favorite hikes in Utah?
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